3 Types of Disfiguring Injuries Resulting from a Car Accident in Des Moines

When a severe car accident leads to a disfiguring injury, you may wonder what the future holds. You face not only immediate treatment and increasing medical bills but also uncertainty about the long-term implications. A Des Moines injury law firm can evaluate your case to determine what your next step should be.

3 Disfiguring Injuries from Car Accidents

The following are 3 types of disfiguring injuries resulting from a serious car accident. 

  • loss of limb;
  • burns (permanent scarring); and
  • facial scarring (loss of eye, broken teeth or nose, etc.). 

These types of injuries can impact every area of an individual’s life. It can affect the ability to socialize and go out in public. It may prevent him or her from returning to a job or being able to work at all.

Many victims who suffer disfiguring injuries have not only the physical repercussions to deal with but also emotional trauma. Considering the medical care that addresses the injury and lost income, it may be necessary to seek psychological counseling. 

When a car accident in leads to disfigurement, compensation for your injuries may be available through a claim. To learn what legal options you may have, contact a Des Moines injury law firm. 

Contacting a Des Moines Injury Law Firm

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