How Do Iowa Workers' Compensation Laws Treat a Bulging Disc?

Back and Neck injuries at work are very common!

Every year hundreds of Iowans sustain work-related injuries where an MRI shows a bulging disc. It is important to realize that many people have bulging discs in their spine, but have no symptoms.  If you sustain a work injury that aggravates or makes a condition like bulging disc symptomatic (which means to cause you pain) then you have sustained a work-related injury. 

Iowa workers compensation laws provide that an aggravation of a pre-existing condition be treated just like new traumatic injuries.  However, keep in mind that having a bulging disc that shows up on an MRI does not necessarily mean that the bulging disc is Causing your pain.  Usually, a bulging disc is something that occurs over time and does not cause general back or neck pain. However, if the disc is impinging (pushing up against) a nerve in your spine and you are having pain into your leg, foot, hand or arm then a bulging disc can be a very significant finding.  One of the most common conditions caused by a bulging or herniated disc is called sciatica where pain radiates from buttocks into your legs and/or feet.  This is a serious medical condition and if it is not treated properly can result in permanent nerve damage such as a drop foot, etc.  

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a bulging disc and do not feel your being treated properly then you should call a qualified Iowa workers comp. attorney to find out what you can do.  There is a process called alternative medical care that may help along with other potential options. 

If you or a loved one have questions about bulging discs feel free to contact our office as we offer a no-cost workers compensation evaluation and review.  Also, if you do not already have a copy of the new book "Iowa Workers' Compensation- An Insider's Guide to Work Injuries" which includes how you can avoid 7 deadly mistakes, the Injured Workers' Bill of Rights and more, request your copy now.  We offer the book at no cost to you, the injured worker.  Don't make a mistake with your case and lose out on thousands of dollars in benefits.  CALL (641) 792-3595 NOW for immediate assistance or to schedule your FREE case review. 

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