Should I throw away any damaged property from my car accident in Iowa?

Consulting with car accident injury lawyers in Ames can help in protecting your injury claim and knowing what kinds of accident evidence should be preserved. You definitely don’t want to throw away any damaged property from your car accident. 

Most victims of a car crash are concerned about damage to their vehicle. But that may not be the only thing covered in an accident injury claim. If you had any personal items that were also damaged or destroyed, their value may be considered when filing a claim. 

For instance, you might have had a large CD collection that was broken as a result of the accident. You may have had removable car seats that don’t work properly anymore because of the accident. 

If you can find receipts for these items, it would be very helpful to your case. Even if you don’t have a receipt, preserving your belongings is important so you may include them in your claim. 

Remember that the point of filing a claim based on someone else’s negligence is to be restored back to where you were before the accident. 

Contacting Car Accident Injury Lawyers in Ames 

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