New Safety Features to Look for When Choosing a New Car

In 2012, there were 365 motor vehicles fatalities in the State of Iowa, and even more accidents that caused:

  • injury;
  • damage to vehicles; and
  • destruction of property.

Although the statistics are frightening, car manufacturers are making safety a top priority when it comes to designing new cars. When used consistently and properly, these new safety features in cars may just lower the fatality rate on our roads and decrease the chances of being involved in both serious and minor accidents.

Check out the car safety features mentioned below if you’re purchasing a new vehicle. Then see our guide to buying car insurance to protect you and your family.

Forward Collision Avoidance System

Some say distracted driving is deadlier than drunk driving when it comes to auto accidents. The forward collision avoidance system may help avoid collisions if the driver becomes distracted.

While this is far from an excuse to check your cell phone when driving, the technology uses a combination of sensors and cameras to detect when a vehicle in front is getting too close. It then alerts the driver with a visual or auditory warning to bring their attention back to the road.

Autonomous Braking

Working with the same technology as the forward collision avoidance system, autonomous braking takes safety one step further. If the driver ignores the warning system to stop, the vehicle will apply the brakes without any input from the driver.

Though in theory this seems like a good idea, it may lead to a false sense of security and may actually encourage distracted driving. Make sure you do not rely on the technology as a crutch, but rather as a last resort should the worst happen.

Adaptive Headlights

Night driving can be challenging. Visibility is reduced and the straight-ahead glare of a car’s headlights does not always tell the true story of the road.

Adaptive headlights are a relatively new car safety feature that uses sensors and a series of small motors to predict the driving pattern based on the movement of the steering wheel and adjust the headlights accordingly. This allows drivers to see better when driving around curves.

Back-up Cameras

Almost a standard auto safety feature in new cars, the back-up camera is an invaluable safety tool. It eliminates the rear blind spot, allowing you to see if there is an obstacle behind your vehicle. It also helps avoid fender benders and garage parking mishaps.

The back-up camera can be especially helpful when in a:

  • school zone;
  • parking lot; or
  • driveway.

Parking Assist

There are hundreds of videos on the internet poking fun at drivers with horrible parking skills. Other vehicles, utility poles and fire hydrants have all been victims of the bad parker. In fact, there are a large number of drivers who avoid parallel parking altogether because it is just too difficult. Fortunately, now with park assist, the days of bad parkers and related property damage may be ending.

This new technology guides the driver into the right starting spot and then uses sensors to accurately and safely park the vehicle. The driver just has to sit back and enjoy.

Car accidents can cause serious injury and despite all the new safety features in cars, serious injury and death may still occur. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in or around Des Moines, call attorneys at Walker, Billingsley & Bair at 888-435-9886 to discuss your options for proper compensation.

Corey Walker
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