When a radiology technician, who worked at a local hospital, injured her arm and shoulder while assisting a patient she did not know where to turn.  For the first few weeks, she went to the doctors that workers' compensation wanted her to go see and tried to work the light duty that the hospital offered.  However, her arm and shoulder continued to get worse and she desperately needed help.  She decided to call our office and schedule an appointment which was done at no cost or risk to her.  She came in and we explained her rights including how we could try to get her help with her medical care.  We called the insurance adjuster and was able to get her seen by a shoulder specialist.  The specialist recommended surgery which was done.  While it helped with her ongoing pain and problems, ultimately she was not able to return to her job because of her permanent work restrictions.  We were able to obtain her a $350,000 settlement so she has the financial resources to go back to college and retrain for an occupation that she can do with her condition.


Corey Walker
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