Real Stories from Real Clients

We have represented hundreds of clients and the majority of them have been happy with our legal services.  Our mission at Walker, Billingsley & Bair is to level the field between injured Iowans and insurance companies. Remember that each case is different and past results are not a guarantee that you will be happy with our services. With this being said, here is what some of our past clients have to say.  In order to preserve confidentiality, only their first names and location is listed.
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  • Larry was impressed with the free book he received from Corey and decided to reach out for help with his workers' comp claim after falling and getting severely injured while setting up for a broadway.

    "I hurt my back at work and tried to work through it, but eventually, it became so bad that I could no longer work. I saw an ad in a newspaper for a work injury book that Corey offered at no cost. I ordered the book and was very impressed by what I saw so I decided to give Corey a call.  My wife and I met with Corey in his office in Ankeny. He answered all of our questions and spent a lot of time telling us how the system works, what to expect, and gave us a timeline. Everything Corey said happened just like he said it would and just before our trial, the insurance company made us a fair offer so we settled. Without Corey's help, I would have been lost in the system and not received the compensation that Corey was able to get for me."

    - Larry of Runnells, IA (Retired Teacher and Stagehand)
  • Security officer, Jess, tells you how Corey helped him after he was injured during an altercation at work.

    "I worked at a local hospital doing security and was involved in an altercation with a hostile person. During the altercation, I injured my knees, arm and shoulder and had to have some surgeries to repair the damage. Unfortunately, despite being a very good employee for almost 5 years before my work injury, the hospital decided to let me go once my 12 weeks of FMLA time had expired. I decided to seek some legal advice and my wife and I am glad that we found Corey. He helped me through each step of the process, kept me informed and gave my excellent legal advice throughout the case. We were able to avoid trial and reach a good settlement which will help secure my financial future."

    - Jess of Ankeny, IA
  • Mike found Corey because of his 10.0 rating and recommends Corey Walker for your Iowa workers' compensation case.

    "My claim was denied by the workers' compensation insurance company so I went to see Corey.  I picked him as my attorney because of his 10.0 rating on  Corey fought hard against the insurance company and went to trial for me.  I am glad I hired him and know that he will fight for me to the end." 

    - Mike of Algona, IA
  • David was injured at work and needed surgery. He recommends Iowa workers' compensation attorney Corey Walker for your work injury claim.

    "I hurt my back at work doing a heavy project that my employer wanted me to do. I had back problems before including a surgery so the workers' compensation insurance company was giving me some problems so I contacted Corey. Corey was able to get the causation opinions we needed and eventually a good settlement so that I can move forward with my working career." 

    - David of Des Moines, Iowa
  • Union carpenter from Ankeny, Iowa explains why Corey Walker is the best work injury lawyer for your case.

    "Over the years I have sustained 2 significant work injuries that required surgery, first a neck fusion and then 2 shoulder surgeries. Both times I hired Corey and I am glad that I did. He has always kept me informed, returned my phone calls and treated me like I wanted to be treated. He was also able to get me good settlements so I can move on with my life. As far as I am concerned, Corey is the best workers' compensation attorney in the state of Iowa."  

    - Bryan of Ankeny, Iowa (Union Carpenter)
  • Colton recommends Iowa car accident attorney Corey Walker after being injured by an underinsured driver.

    "I was driving a tractor on the shoulder of a highway when I was hit from behind by a distracted driver. Unfortunately, the other driver did not have enough insurance coverage to fully compensate me for my injuries, but Corey worked hard to maximize my recovery. Corey kept me informed by sending me copies of letters and always timely answered my phone calls. Without Corey's help I would have received less compensation for my injuries so I am glad that we contacted him."   

    - Colton of Ankeny, Iowa
  • Erik and Lori are the best! Very informative, professional and knowledgeable.
  • After I was hit and injured in a car accident, I knew that I should call an attorney to find out about my rights. I called Walker & Billingsley and met with attorney Corey Walker. Initially the insurance company did not want pay me fair compensation for my injuries, so Corey filed suit for me. After filing suit, he was able to get me more than what I told him I wanted for my injuries. Now, with his help I can move on with my life and pay-off my house. If you get hurt in a car accident I recommend that you call Corey at Walker & Billingsley because he will fight for you and do everything he can to get what you deserve.
  • Joanie was very compassionate about my situation and always assured me she would put 200% in my case. I could go on and on about how wonderful Joanie is and how serious she takes every case. Joanie is incredible at fighting for what she believes is fair. She’s compassionate and nurturing during the difficult times. She’s very professional and always takes time to explain anything you have questions to.
  • I would recommend Corey Walker for any type of work related accidents. As he did a great job on my case with a large worldwide company. He worked real close with me on the case. Corey checked up with me after all 3 shoulder surgery's I went through. He is very trust worthy, knowledgeable and made me very comfortable with this case as I never had a Worker Comp case before. He always returned my calls and e-mails in a timely manner and answered every question I had as I had a lot of them. His books were very useful to me in this case as well. Corey is great person and a great attorney. I can’t thank Corey enough for all his help. He is a hard working man that goes the extra mile. I would and have recommended him to friends and will to family if they need it. Thanks again.