Iowa Guide to Car Accidents

1. CONTINUE TO TREAT IF YOU ARE STILL IN PAIN:  If you decide to stop seeing your doctor because you hope or think you will get better on your own, you have made a mistake.  If you fail to see a doctor regularly then in the eyes of the insurance company and perhaps a judge or jury you must be fine.  While do not need or want to go see a doctor every day, you do need to see your doctors every few weeks and tell them if you are still having problems.  If your doctor says “follow-up as needed”, this means that you should come back in a few weeks if you are still having problems.

2.  TELL YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDERS (PHYSICAL THERAPIST, DOCTORS, ETC. “EVERYTHING” THAT HURTS:  One of the most important parts of your case is how you feel and how your injuries have affected your daily life.  Your medical providers are required to keep accurate and detailed records of what you tell them and the treatment that they provide.  This becomes your medical records which are very important and should include your description of how you were injured, your pain and problems, your injuries, the doctor’s examination findings, and the treatment you received.  The insurance company uses your medical records to determine how much money they will offer you.  If you do not tell your medical providers everything that hurts then your problems will not be noted in your medical records which is a problem.  Even if you don't begin having the pain and problems until weeks after the car accident, make sure to tell your medical providers about all of your problems.  Failing to do so will likely result in a lower settlement offer to you.

3.  DO WHAT YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDERS TELL YOU TO:  If your medical providers tells you to go to physical therapy 4 days a week, but you only go twice a week, you are likely hurting your case.  The insurance company will use this as evidence against you and likely offer you less money to settle your case because of it. 

4.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY AND DO: The insurance company and their lawyers will . . . For the rest of the 7 Secrets and Much, Much more request a copy of our Iowa Car Accident book which is available at no cost or risk to you.  Get your FREE copy today!

At Walker, Billingsley & Bair, we understand the delicate nature of your situation. A car accident causing personal injury can turn your whole world upside down and leaves your mind filled with questions like:

  • Should I talk to the insurance adjustor?
  • Should I hire a lawyer (you don't need one in every car accident case)?
  • What kind of compensation can I get for my injuries?
  • How do I pay my bills while I’m waiting on a settlement?
  • Is this a fair amount for my accident case?

After the accident report has been filed, take advantage of our firm's FREE and confidential legal consultation. You will speak with an Iowa car accident lawyer who wants to learn about your case and who'll answer any questions you have about the claims process. This can be done by phone, Zoom or in person.  When you have a legal team as experienced as ours on your side, you can be sure you're working with professionals who have your best interests at heart. We'll do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve for your losses including taking your case to trial.


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Do You Know Your Rights After a Serious Accident?

If you were:

  • Rear-ended at a stop light or stop sign
  • Hit by a drunk or distracted driver and taken to the hospital by ambulance
  • Struck another vehicle that failed to yield

You should:

  • Know how to protect your rights when you talk to an insurance adjuster about your injuries;
  • Know that you don't have to sign the medical release sent to you by the insurance adjuster; and
  • Know you have the right to bring a claim against the driver whose negligence or recklessness caused the accident.

You also have the right to hire an Iowa car accident lawyer to handle your claim. Iowa law provides that you may also have a claim against your own insurance company. This is something our firm will help you determine.

Our Firm Protects Your Rights

We've seen far too many car and truck accident cases wrecked because victims weren't informed of their rights, and as a result, made common, but damaging mistakes. Don't lose your case because you don't know the law or have the help of an Iowa car accident lawyer!

We've also seen first hand how sometimes good people are treated badly by insurance companies.

For example, did you know that… 

  • just like the police, insurance adjusters are allowed to take anything you say and use it against you?
  • you don't have to give a statement to the other party's insurance company before you talk to your attorney, and it's usually not a good idea to give one?
  • insurance adjusters are trained to make you take the smallest money offer possible. That's just good business for the insurance company, but it's not a good deal for you?
  • when filing a claim with the insurance company, adjusters may try to talk you out of hiring a lawyer?
  • if your medical expenses from the accident are less than $5,000, and you don't have a permanent injury, you might be better off handling your case without hiring an Iowa car accident lawyer?

Before you sign any documents for the insurance company, consider taking advantage of our firm's FREE and confidential legal consultation. Call us now at 641-792-3595 to receive information that can save your case. You're under no obligation to hire us, and you'll pay no fees unless we win your case.

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Story Of Survival

How Can This Be Happening to Me? 

Rod is a hard-working father of two whose drive home from a tiring day at work took a nightmarish turn. While proceeding through a green traffic signal, Rod's vehicle was struck on the driver's side by an intoxicated motorist who ran a red light.

Not only was the driver drunk, but he did not have insurance. He had just been drinking at a local bar, adding another layer of irresponsibility. The impact of the collision left Rod with serious injuries, requiring a number of surgeries, and missing work for nearly a year.

Thankfully for Rod, he had previously read our comprehensive car insurance guide and bought enough coverage to safeguard both himself and his family. Also, he came to us shortly after the crash post-accident, which proved to be instrumental. Swift action enabled us to determine the location where the driver was drinking and consequently issued a dramshop notice within the 6-month deadline.

Though Rod must endure persistent physical discomfort and ongoing challenges, he now has the financial security that he deserves for going through such a terrible crash. Notably, the bar that negligently overserved the driver has undergone a change in policies and protocols, aiming to prevent another family from enduring the ordeal that Rod and his loved ones underwent.