Iowa Guide to Motorcycle CrashesWhat Should You Know Before Talking to the Insurance Adjustor

First of all, you are under no legal duty to speak with the insurance adjustor, but if you do keep in mind:

1. Anything you say to the insurance adjustor can later be used against you.

2. You are not required to provide a recorded statement and often it is a very bad idea to do so. 

3. The insurance adjustor is not your friend, does not have to tell you the truth and their job is to pay you as little money as possible to settle your case.  It is rarely a good idea to settle your case early on before you know the full extent of your injuries and how they may impact your life.

Our law firm can help you find answers to questions like:

  • Should I talk to the insurance adjustor?
  • Who is going to pay for my medical bills?
  • What should I do if I can’t work after my accident?
  • Should I be researching law firms? (You may not need an attorney in your case.)

After a motorcycle accident in Iowa, these are the questions many victims bring to Iowa law firm Walker, Billingsley & Bair. Our legal team has been handling these types of injury cases for years and has the answers you need to determine the next step when seeking justice after a negligent driver causes an accident with your bike.

Our Iowa Law Firm Knows How to Help After A Motorcycle Accident

You’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Iowa if…

  • a car collides with your touring motorcycle on US Highway 6 and sends you to the hospital in with major injuries;
  • a speeding truck gets too close your husband's Harley on I-80 and he is left unconscious in a ditch somewhere between Iowa City and Des Moines;
  • a minivan sideswipes your sport bike on I-235 in Des Moines and the impact breaks your back, leaving you paralyzed;
  • your loved one's Kawasaki bike is rear-ended on US Route 20 near Fort Dodge, and she dies from her injuries; or
  • a negligent driver slams into your vintage Honda at the junction between Highway 30 and I-35 in Ames.

If you find yourself facing one of these scenarios, what is the first thing you do? Get the right information about your motorcycle accident. Negligence laws are complex.  It can be confusing and frustrating to figure out.  The attorneys at Walker, Billingsley & Bair will talk with you for FREE about your accident case.  You can learn a lot from someone who has handled hundreds of car accident cases.

The Iowa law firm of Walker, Billingsley & Bair believes you deserve compensation when injuries caused by a negligent driver leave you injured physically, financially and emotionally. We know that dealing with the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident in Iowa is a sensitive time, so we don’t want to pressure you into making a legal decision just yet.

To ease victims into the often frustrating world of motorcycle accident claims, we’ve written a free guide to Iowa motorcycle accident cases and what you can do to avoid damaging your claim with the insurance companies.

FREE Book About Motorcycle Accidents From Our Iowa Law Firm!

Iowa Consumer's Guide to Motorcycle Crashes If you or someone you love has been injured in an Iowa motorcycle accident, then you should request our motorcycle injury book at no cost, risk or obligation. Just click on the book now or call 641-792-3595.


You'll learn...

  • Common Mistakes Made by Iowans Injured in Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them
  • 6 Things to Know Before Talking to the Insurance Adjuster
  • The #1 Way to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident
  • 9 Insider's Secrets to Keep Your Case on Two Wheels

...and more.

Before you sign any documents for the insurance company, hire an Iowa law firm, or make a mistake that could hurt your case, you should educate yourself by requesting our Book at no cost, risk or obligation!!

The accident and injury lawyers at Walker, Billingsley and Bair handle motorcycle and ATV accident cases throughout the state of Iowa.  We have staffed offices in Des Moines, Ankeny, Marshalltown and Newton and appointment only offices throughout the state.  We want you to know your rights and responsibilities before you talk to any law firms in Iowa.

Personal injury attorneys Corey Walker, Erik Bair and Nicole Merrill make up the motorcycle accident and injury team at Iowa law firm Walker, Billingsley and Bair. They've seen too many viable motorcycle accident cases damaged because Iowa victims didn't have the right information. Also, whether you hire us or not, our mission is to educate Iowans about Iowa's motorcycle laws because we have seen firsthand how sometimes good people are treated badly by insurance companies.

Did You Know? 

  • Most motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle, usually a passenger car.
  • These accidents are mainly caused when the driver of the car fails to see or properly react to the motorcycle.

Stay Safe!

  • Wear protective clothing when you ride, including a good helmet.
  • Be visible. Make sure your signals and lights are in working order, allow cars enough space to see you, and consider wearing reflective clothing.
  • Regularly review safe riding tips.
  • Avoid riding in dangerous road or weather conditions.
  • Follow traffic laws.

Walker, Billingsley & Bair - We Level the Playing Field

Our Iowa law firm has seen it dozens of times - insurance adjusters trained to pay as little for your motorcycle accident claim as possible. They have an entire company on their side; you should have a law firm like us on your side, too. Our attorneys will explain the legal process to you, return your calls promptly, and use the latest computer technology to efficiently manage your case and communicate quickly and effectively.

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