A delivery truck driver from Atlantic sustained serious injuries to his shoulder and neck when he fell out of the back of his truck while moving a load.  His employer did not have light duty work for him so he remained off work for more than one year while he had cervical fusion surgery and rotator cuff repair to his shoulder.  Once he was released to return to work with permanent restrictions, his employer of more than 20 years was not able or willing to find a job for him.  Because he was 57 years old, his chances for retraining and finding another job within a lifting restriction of 20 pounds was not good.  He looked for work but was not successful so we helped him file for SSDI- Social Security disability.  We also filed a petition in his worker's compensation case and obtained a settlement of $300,000.  Now he receives almost $2,000 per month in SSDI, plus has a lump-sum of money to pay cash for a house near his family.


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