Jim, was a hard working truck driver and father of two children.  While he was driving his employer’s tractor-trailer, he was involved in an accident causing him to sustain two broken bones in his back.  He was immediately transported to the nearest trauma center where he spent the next several days.  Doctors told Jim that he was lucky he was not paralyzed, and a few days later he was released from the hospital and told to follow-up with his family doctor. 

Jim notified his employer of the accident and the insurance company called him to take a statement.  Jim told the insurance adjustor exactly what happened, and a few days later he received a letter stating that they were denying his claim and not paying his lost wages or medical expenses.  Jim was desperate when he called our office as he was not receiving any income.  We did some checking up.  We obtained the accident report, hired a private investigator and contacted the insurance company about their previous decision.  Once we intervened in the case, the insurance company decided that Jim’s claim was legitimate and began paying him for his lost wages.  After missing several months of work, Jim made a satisfactory recovery, and we were able to obtain a “just” settlement for him. 

Corey Walker
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