A man in his late 50’s was working as a production engineer when he fell on some ice outside a door at the factory where he worked.  He grabbed a door handle to try to prevent his fall which severely damages his arm and shoulder.  An MRI revealed a complete full-thickness tear of his supraspinatus tendon (rotator cuff) along with other problems.  Shoulder surgery was recommended and done.  After surgery, he was sent for PT (physical therapy) to gain range of motion and strength in his arm.  During the PT, his arm popped and he had increased pain and loss of range of motion.  He went back to the doctor and another MRI confirmed that he had torn his rotator cuff again.  At this point, his rotator cuff was no longer repairable so a reverse total shoulder replacement was recommended and done.  His employer did not keep his job open for him, but he is hopeful that he will find other similar work in the field.  His wages were high and so was his workers’ compensation weekly rate so the case ended up settling for $500,000 in new money. 

$500,000 in new money

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