A truck driver who lived in Texas was hired by an Iowa trucking company.  He was on the back of his flatbed truck securing a load while working in Idaho.  He had a sudden sharp pain in his back which dropped him to his knees.  He reported the injury right away to his dispatcher and tried to deliver his load as scheduled.  He could no longer drive his truck because of the back and leg pain so another driver came to get his load and he flew home to Texas where he began his medical care and treatment.  An MRI revealed that he had herniated and bulging discs in his back and because of his leg pain surgery was recommended and performed.  The surgery provided some pain relief, but ultimately he was not able to return to driving a truck.  However, his case was settled for $245,000, plus ongoing medical care and treatment for his back.  He also filed for and receiving Social Security disability benefits so he continues to have a monthly income source.


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