Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help Collect Evidence of a Work Injury (Part A)

A Grinnell Workers’ Compensation lawyer can be helpful when collecting evidence that demonstrates that your work injury was caused by the lack of safety equipment on the job. Such injuries surely deserve compensation to help you recover physically and to recover damages. 

Evidence Needed for Work Injury Claim 

Evidence will be needed to file a work injury claim. To ensure that you protect your rights to compensation for a work injury, you need to: 

  • Report your injury to your employer -- This must be done within 90 days from the time the injury occurred. Under Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law Notice of Injury 85.23, time begins running when you knew you were injured or should have known the injury resulted from a work-related activity.
  • Document everything -- Write down everything you remember about your work injury, including the date, time, place, how it happened, any witnesses, who you notified and when, specifics of your injury, and how it has affected your daily life.
  • Keep medical records -- Record your appointment dates and times, and the contact information of the medical provider. Be sure to document that you received approval to see the medical provider. This may prove valuable if your medical care is disputed. Also, keep record of your mileage, meals, and lodging expenses related to your medical treatment. You may be compensated for these costs since they are part of your authorized medical care. 

If you have any questions about any of the types of evidence mentioned above, or would like to further discuss collection of necessary evidence, set up a consultation with an attorney familiar with this area of the law. Understanding your rights in such situations and taking appropriate steps to exercise your rights may be helpful in ensuring that you are provided all resources and compensation to which you are entitled to recover from an injury sustained at work. 

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