Have You Been Injured at Work and Have a Herniated Disc?

bulging herniated disk illustrationThere are many activities that can contribute to a herniated disc. Repetitive motions can cause stress on your low back or neck which may lead to a herniated disc. Other causes can include heavy strain, increased pressure to the lower back or neck, or even a twisting movement. All of these motions are common in a lot of different work environments. If you do any of these activities at your job on a daily basis you may be at risk for this type of injury.

What is a herniated disc? The bones in your back are padded by small spongy discs. These discs are like shock absorbers for your spine and keep you flexible. If one of them becomes injured, it may swell or break open; this is called a herniated disc.

There are many symptoms caused by a herniated disc. Any of the following symptoms may be indicative of this condition:

• Severe low back pain or neck pain
• Numbness
• Muscle weakness
• Pain and/or numbness down the leg or arm
• Pain and/or numbness in the buttock

You should go to your doctor if you think you might have a herniated disc. Most likely your doctor will examine you and ask about your symptoms. If necessary, he or she may request that you have an MRI or CT scan of the spine to verify that you have a herniated disc.

There are a few ways a herniated disc can be treated. Your doctor may ask you to do at home exercises or see a physical therapist. If you go to a physical therapist they will help you to strengthen the muscles in your lower back and abdomen which help support your spine. You will most likely be working on flexibility of your spine and legs.

Other treatment options include medications such as an anti-inflammatory pills or pain killers. If therapy or medication doesn’t help your symptoms, your doctor may suggest epidural injections or a discectomy. Receiving injections would help with the pain for a couple months; they tend to reduce swelling and help relieve your symptoms. If injections don’t help, then you may need surgery that would consist of removing the disc entirely.

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