Most people want the best, whether it is the best workers compensation lawyer or the best doctor.  We will provide you with some tips in finding the best lawyer for your work comp claim. 

            1. You will want to find out where the lawyer works and practices law.  There are many law firms who advertise in Iowa but are not Iowa lawyers.  If you hire a lawyer who is not licensed in Iowa, that lawyer will have to hire an Iowa lawyer to file and proceed with your case because they cannot legally practice law here.  Also, even if they are licensed in Iowa you should look to see where their offices are and make sure they have real offices in Iowa, not just a mailing address.  Your workman comp claim is far too important to have an out of state lawyer just hand your case over to another lawyer that you do not know simply for him or her to make a referral fee.  You should do some research on the lawyer who will actually be handling your case.

            2. Hiring a lawyer is a very important thing so you will want to know what the lawyer's past clients have to say.  Did the lawyer call the client back?  Did the lawyer explain the process and allow the client to make the decisions in the case?  Was the lawyer informed about the case when the client called?  These and many more questions are very important in determining the best work comp attorney for you and your case.  You should be able to find this information, often called testimonials, on the lawyer's webpage and also on a lawyer review site like

            3. Did you know that any Iowa attorney can say they are a workers' compensation lawyer?  That’s right, Iowa lawyer advertising rules allow anyone to say this so how can you find out who is really qualified to handle your work comp case?  Besides testimonials discussed above, you should also look at what kind of results the lawyer has obtained for other injured workers.  Some of the best Iowa lawyers list their real-world results on their webpage.  Others should at least be able to provide you with a list of their results on paper.  You should look to see if the lawyer has a winning track record in representing workers.  While every case is different and the results in your case will likely be very different from past clients, it at least lets you know what kind of results the lawyer has obtained. 

You should look at our experience, testimonials and results to decide if we are the best workers compensation lawyers for you and your case.  This information is available here on our webpage. After learning more about our attorneys and our results, contact our office to schedule your FREE initial consultation to learn more about your Iowa workers compensation claim.
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