Last Updated: 1/26/2023

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Unfortunately, this is a somewhat common problem that injured workers face in Iowa.  Sometimes they have an aggressive supervisor that wants the work done at all costs or other times the human resources department or doctors do not communicate with the appropriate people at work.  

What Should I Do if I Am Asked to Work Outside My Restrictions?

First of all, anytime you have restrictions, whether they are temporary or permanent, we recommend that you keep a copy of your restrictions in your pocket or somewhere else at work.  Then if you are asked by your employer to do work outside of your restrictions, you can show your employer the written documentation stating what you should and should not do.  Often this will stop the problem from happening both at the time and in the future.  However, it is also a good idea if your supervisor changes or someone new is put in authority over you that you make sure the new person knows about your restrictions.  They should appreciate you telling them up front so they can work around your restrictions. 

What Should I Do if They are Following My Restrictions and I Still Have Problems?

We recommend that you notify your employer about the problems you are having and also contact the doctor who gave you the restrictions about the problems.  Most likely, your doctor will want to see you back for a follow-up to see if your restrictions need to be changed.  No one wants to see you sustain a new work injury. Most of all, you need to communicate with the appropriate people if you have problems doing your job within your restrictions. 

What if I Sustain a New Injury While Doing My Job?

If you, unfortunately, sustain a new injury while doing your job within your restrictions, it is important that you report the work injury right away.  If you wait several days or weeks, then it can make it more difficult to prove that you sustained a new injury as opposed to a continuation of your old work injury. 

What if I Still Have Questions...

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