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Here are 3 of the avoidable mistakes we see injured Iowans make:

1.  NOT TELLING YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDERS “EVERYTHING” THAT HURTS:  One of the most critical pieces of evidence is how you feel and how your injuries have affected your ability to function on a daily basis.  Your doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other medical providers are required to keep accurate and detailed records of your medical history and care.  The records include your description of how you were injured, your physical complaints, your injuries, the examination findings, and the treatment you received.  The insurance companies will base its offer to you on this critical information.  If you fail to tell your medical providers everything that hurts, not only will it not be treated properly, but also no one will know about it. . . .

2.  NOT BEING CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU SAY AND DO:  The insurance company and their lawyers will use anything and everything they can against you.  Even a small lie or exaggeration can hurt your credibility so the best policy is to always tell the truth.  Nowadays, the Internet, Facebook and other social media sites can damage your case.  We recommend to our clients that they disable, but do not destroy, all social media sites that they have while their injury matter is pending.  We recommend this because if a lawsuit is filed, you will probably be required to provide Facebook and other social media pages to the other side in your case.  For example, if pictures are posted of you smiling and having a good time after a personal injury, the defense attorney will show the judge or jury the picture and argue, "Does the Plaintiff look like they are in pain and cannot work"? . . .

3.  NOT KEEPING A DIARY AND WAGE LOSS RECORDS:  Few people ever think of writing down how they felt.  You need to remember the details of your injury and how you felt on a day-to-day basis.  A diary helps to provide accurate accounts of your injuries and how they affected your ability to function on a daily basis.  Your diary will help you prove the extent of your injuries, and can mean a higher evaluation of your claim.  Also, it is important that you keep track of the time you missed from work.  This includes keeping doctors excuses for missed work and keeping track of time you miss work for doctors’ appointments. . . .  

To learn the other Common Mistakes and how you can avoid them along with the Iowa Injury Bill of Rights and much more then request our book now below.

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Why offer you a book at No Cost?   Because our attorneys have represented hundreds of Iowans and have seen far too many clients make mistakes before they had the "right" information resulting in them losing thousands of dollars. Most attorneys require you to make an appointment in order to get some of the information that we provide to you in our Iowa Injury book. We believe that you should be able to have this information in the comfort of your own home with no risk or obligation.

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