I hurt my neck at work in the factory and while the workers' compensation insurance company paid me some benefits, I did not think they paid me enough.  Corey prepared my claim and we tried to settle it.  The insurance company did not want to pay what Corey thought my case was worth so he filed a petition for me.  We then tried to settle again, but they did not want to increase there offer.  Corey took my case to trial and I received what he thought my case was worth and they did not appeal.  Without Corey's help, I would have lost out on a lot of money.  If you do not think workers' compensation has paid you what your case is worth, then you should give Corey a call. 
I greatly appreciated the support I got from Corey.  He is an awesome Attorney and person.  He stood by me the whole time and I put my sole trust in him.  He did not let me down.  Thank you all very much. Deb of New Sharon, Iowa