I was working in Council Bluffs, Iowa when I first hurt my back and then my knee at work.  The doctor took me off work and while I was receiving weekly benefits, I knew that I needed to look-out for myself because after surgery I could not return to my job with my construction union.  I looked on the internet and found attorney Corey Walker.  I requested his book and found it easy to read and very useful.  I then made the trip from my home in Omaha to see him at his Des Moines office.  After meeting with him, I knew that he was the attorney for me and while we were about 2 hours away from each other, I always knew what was going on with my case and where we were headed.  He even personally drove to Omaha twice to meet with my doctors to help prove my case.  With his help my case settled just before trial and now I can go back to school and learn how to work more with my brain instead of my body.


Gary of Omaha, Nebraska