When I fell at work and sustained a concussion my world was turned upside down.  I had been driving a tractor trailer for a living and the doctors told me I could not drive truck anymore.  The doctor had given me a 20% impairment rating and the insurance company changed my benefits from temporary to permanent and said they would pay me 100 weeks and then stop.  I was concerned about this and upon a referral from a friend my wife and I called and got a copy of Corey's book.  We were impressed that he would offer so much information at no cost.  We decided to meet with Corey to discuss our options and after he explained how the system worked and answered all of our questions we hired him.  He worked very hard on the case, always called us back and took time to explain the process.  My wife and I will always be grateful for what Corey did in helping me with my work injury.  If I had not hired Corey, I would have only received 100 weeks of benefits instead of the substantial sum he was able to get for me. 


Ken of Huxley, Iowa