Des Moines Iowa Worker's Compensation Attorney describes an Independent Medical Exam

Many injured workers with a work injury claim in Iowa will be asked to complete an Independent Medical Exam (IME) either by the insurance company or their own attorney.  When you are already in pain and being treated by a doctor, it seems unnecessary to go to another appointment just to get another opinion.  However, it is very important that you cooperate and attend so that your case will not be affected.

Why go to an IME?

If your own attorney has scheduled the IME, it is likely that your work injury claim could be improved by the evaluation.  Some doctors that treat injured workers on a regular basis give conservative opinions and may not be willing to give restrictions that are necessary.  Getting an IME can give another opinion on what restrictions are necessary, what your impairment rating is, and when or if you should return to work.  To protect your case, you need to attend the appointment.

What if I Don't Like the Doctor?

The doctor completing the Independent Medical Exam may not agree with your treating doctor, especially if the insurance company has requested the appointment.  You may not like what the doctor says and you may think they are being paid to give an opinion that is not in your best interest.  It is still important to be honest and respectful with the physician.  Provide all the information you can about your injury, pain, and the effects it has had on you.  It will not do any good to get into an argument with the the doctor about his or her opinion. 

There is a lot for injured workers to learn when they are going through the process of filing a claim for recovery. Hiring an attorney to assist can often be a great value in getting the best result for your case. Polk County attorneys, Corey Walker and Erik Bair have been assisting injured workers with their claims for more than 20 years.  Contact us NOW for more information on how we can assist you.


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