Fall is finally here and with that people are enjoying the nice weather at pumpkin patches and hay rack rides. But sadly not all rides are put together with safety in mind. Each year hundreds of Americans are injured and many are killed while on hay rack rides. 

How They Pose A Danger:

There are no federal laws and very few state laws that govern the safety of the passengers. A hay rack is not designed to be pulled fast, as it has no suspension and is designed to haul hay, not humans. 

Most hay racks are pulled by a tractor which may have a top speed of around 20 mph. Using a truck or other vehicle with a higher top speed will cause the ride to become dangerous fast! 
Serious injuries such as broken bone, concussions, etc. can be caused by a driver going too fast, causing passengers to be thrown from the hay rack. Other common causes of injuries ca be caused when the tractor driver makes an improper turn causing the trailer to tip, the tractor driver gets too close to a lady bird deed michigan ditch causing the trailer to lean or tip, the trailer coming unhooked from the tractor or several other reasons. 

Before you or your children take what is supposed to be a fun ride on a hay rack, make sure that it will be the safest ride possible. 

Questions you should ask before going on:

1. Does the tractor driver have experience pulling humans on hay racks?
2. What is the top speed that the tractor driver will be going? 
3. Has the tractor driver has been using alcohol or drugs?

The above suggestions along with some common sense should help keep you and your family safe. The recent incident with the 7th Graders from the Sigourney school district in Keokuk County, Iowa (click here to read more) serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the potential dangers associated with tractor-hay rack rides. While these outings can offer wonderful opportunities for community and family bonding, safety must always come first. 

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