Mike was a 25 year old living his dream.  Mike’s dream was to save enough money to buy an older home and then to remodel it.  Mike had always loved working with his hands and building things.  After high school, Mike worked full-time at a factory making good money.

Mike’s dream turned into a nightmare when he was involved in a roll-over crash while riding with a friend.  His friend lost control of his car causing the vehicle to go into the ditch and roll.  Because Mike sustained a brain injury and broken bones he was taken by helicopter to the hospital.  Surgeons were able to save his life with emergency surgery.  After spending 2 weeks in the hospital, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility for him to relearn how to walk and do other activities of daily living. 

Mike was no longer able to work and his family was desperate to get him help.  Mike and his family hired a lawyer that they knew from around town who did divorces, wills and criminal defense.  Months went by with no results.   Mike’s lawyer could not answer many of his questions because he did not specialize in personal injury law.  Would you let your general practice family doctor perform surgery to remove your appendix?  Then why would you let a general practice attorney handle your personal injury case?  You need someone who practices primarily in personal injury law. 

Mike was falling seriously behind on his bills and his dream of owning a home was almost gone.  Through no fault of his own, Mike was now facing financial ruin.  Mike and his family were understandably distraught when they called our office.  We got right on his case and our investigation revealed that his friend was driving a vehicle owned by his father who had an umbrella policy to cover his damages. 

We made a claim for Mike against the driver and owner of the vehicle he was riding in.  Mike’s friend attempted to avoid responsibility by blaming road conditions and attacking Mike, the innocent victim.  The Defendants said, “Mike was exaggerating his brain injury.”  Well, we filed suit for Mike and made the Defendants answer to Mike and his family in court.  Mike’s medical expenses, lost income and loss of enjoyment of life were significant.  He was no longer the same ambitious, caring and loving person as he was before the accident.  The jury accepted our contentions and returned a substantial verdict to Mike that included payment of his past and future medical bills, lost income, permanent injuries and pain and suffering for the rest of his life. 

The best news for Mike was that the jury verdict allowed him to purchase his own home and hire workers to do the needed renovation work he can no longer do.  While Mike will never be the same, he is at least living part of his dream.  While your case may not be as serious as Mike’s you still deserve to be justly compensated.
Corey Walker
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