Who is the Best Workers Compensation Lawyer in Iowa?

We know that everyone wants the best workers compensation lawyer for their case, but no lawyer in Iowa should tell you that they are the best.  This is because there are too many factors to consider and no objective way to measure who is truly the best.  However, when determining who is the best workers compensation lawyer for your case you should consider such things as the following:

            1. What have they done for injured workers?  You will want to know what results they have had which will give you some idea as to their experience and qualifications.  If the lawyer cannot provide you with a list of results or direct you to their webpage, then this can be a problem.  Perhaps they do not have any results to share because they do not specialize in workers compensation cases.  Unfortunately, at the current time, any lawyer in Iowa can say they are a workman compensation lawyer even if they have never handled a single case.  Yes, our rules of ethics say that the lawyer should not represent a client in an area where they are not qualified, but that does not do the injured worker any good if they do not find this out until later.  Some of the best work comp lawyers here in Iowa will list their results on their webpage so you can verify they have a good track record of representing injured workers.

            2. What do the lawyer's past clients say?  It is important in today's world to do some research and find out what prior clients have to say.  Many of us do this when we are looking at purchasing a product so it is a good idea to do so when you are making an important decision concerning hiring a lawyer.  Many lawyers will have a list of testimonials on their webpage.  Another source is lawyer review sites like www.Avvo.com.  If the lawyer you are considering either has no reviews or several bad reviews, then this may raise a red flag.  Before you make a mistake and hire a lawyer who may not be the best for your case, look at what prior clients have said.  Also, don't believe that they have no client reviews because "everything is confidential".  Some past clients voluntarily post reviews online and others grant permission to the lawyer to provide the information to the public.

You should look at our experience, testimonials, and results to decide if we are the best workers compensation lawyers for you and your case.  This information is available here on our webpage. After learning more about our attorneys and our results, contact our office to schedule your FREE initial consultation to learn more about your Iowa workers compensation claim.

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