I bet your answer to this question is "yes" because we all want the best don't we?  However, finding the best work compensation attorney for your Iowa case will take some work on your part.  No Iowa attorney is legally allowed to tell you "I am the best" on their webpage, but even if they did wouldn't you rather find out what prior clients and other attorneys have to say?  The good news is that attorneys and other lawyers are allowed to tell you their thoughts and experiences.  Here are some things to look for on attorney webpages:

1. Testimonials- Many of the best Iowa work compensation attorneys will have a place on their webpage where they have a list of testimonials from clients and endorsements from other attorneys.  Some attorneys will have both video and written testimonials from past clients.  If the attorney you are researching does not have these on their webpage this may raise a red flag to you about their quality of service to their clients and their reputation in the Iowa attorney community. 

Why is it so important to see what prior clients and other attorneys have to say?  Don't all attorneys have the same training and experience? 

No, in Iowa an attorney who has never handled a single case is allowed to advertise that they are a work comp. attorney.  We believe that this is unfortunate and puts Iowan's at risk of hiring someone with little or no experience in work comp., but it is the current law.  This is why you will need to do some research on your own.

2. Relationship- If you call the attorney's office do you get to talk to the attorney who would actually handle your case about your questions and problems, or are you directed to a paralegal.  Does the attorney follow the golden rule and treat you, their client, like they would want to be treated or are they too busy with other cases to deal with your important legal issues?  Does their office handle hundreds of cases each year so you will end up being a "file in a pile" or are they dedicated to proving the best legal services possible to every client's case they accept? 

3. Communication- One of the biggest complaints client's have about attorneys is their lack of communication because they don't return phone calls, do not keep them informed about what is going on with their case, etc.  How will the attorney's office communicate with you?  Will they respond to your emails and phone calls within 24-48 hours or when they get around to it?  If the attorney is in trial and not immediately available do they have a paralegal you can talk to in order to try to solve your problem sooner? 

As you can see, finding the best Iowa work comp. attorney for your case may not be easy, but with some research, requesting some information and perhaps a few calls to attorneys we hope that you can find the best attorney for your Iowa work comp. case. 

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