Now that the temperatures are starting to rise and the snow is finally melting, more people are out and about enjoying the mild weather. After the winter Iowans have dealt with, they are gladly welcoming the forty degree weather Iowa has seen lately. As spring approaches and daylight savings time has come, more and more people like to spend time outside. For drivers on the road, this means having to watch closely for pedestrians. Drivers need to keep an eye out for pedestrians crossing the street at night or for people walking at night. Pedestrians also need to keep in mind that they should be visible to drivers at all times.  They should not wear dark colored clothing at night to prevent blending in.  It is always fun to get back outside after a long winter, but you have to always keep safety in mind.

How Can You Protect Yourself When You Are a Pedestrian?

As a pedestrian, you should never assume that the car driver sees you.  You don’t have any idea what is going on in the car or if the driver is distracted. Even if you are standing at a crosswalk or by a stop sign waiting to cross, this does not mean the car will actually stop.  You should make eye contact with the driver before walking in front of their car.  You should always make sure you have plenty of time to cross without having to worry about a car hitting you. Also, you should never try to cross the street in the middle of a block; always go to the next intersection. If there are cars parked along the side of the road, they might keep you hidden from drivers until it is too late, plus most drivers are not really watching for pedestrians in the middle of the block like they do at intersections.  If you, the pedestrian, encounter a “walk light” you are safe to cross the road in the direction of the signal, if you were still hit by a car after crossing during a “walk light” at a crosswalk, the driver is most likely at fault.

How Can You Protect Yourself as a Driver?

As a driver, you need to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks or you may be found negligent. It is a driver’s duty to yield to pedestrians when the pedestrian is crossing at the proper time and shall give warning by sounding their horn if necessary. If the pedestrian decides to cross during a yellow or red light and you accidentally hit them with your car, then the pedestrian may be considered at fault, because it is their duty to yield to any vehicles when crossing during a red or yellow light.  Nowadays, many people are talking on their cell phones, texting or otherwise distracted when they are driving which increases your risk as a pedestrian walking across the road.

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