What are the Disability Benefits I Should Receive in Iowa?

Disability benefits are paid based on an amount that is based upon your wages before your work injury.  There are many different ways to evaluate your wages, but if you are paid on an hourly basis generally it will be based upon your gross wages before taxes for 13 representative weeks prior to your work injury.  This amount will be averaged and is considered to be your AWW (average weekly wages).  Your weekly check amount, also called your rate, is based upon your AWW, your marital status, and the number of exemptions claimed, but cannot exceed 80 percent of your spendable earnings.  There is a chart available for you to determine what the correct rate should be based upon the above factors and your date of injury as the chart changes each year.  For more information including the link to the chart go to www.IowaWorkInjuryRate.com.       

Your weekly rate, described above, has a significant impact in your case because it determines how much compensation you will receive both when you are not able to work and for your permanent disability benefits.  The amount of compensation that you receive is based upon the weekly rate, the type of injury you sustained and the resulting disability you sustain because of the work injuries.  We have more information concerning the amount of compensation you should receive both on our webpage and also in our Iowa Workers' Compensation book that we offer at no cost or risk to injured workers with an Iowa work comp claim.  Request your copy now to learn the Iowa Injured Workers Bill of Rights, how you can avoid making a costly mistake in your case and much, much more. 
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