What an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Attorney Does for You (Part A)

If you’ve sustained an on-the-job injury and can longer continue your work or support your family, you’re probably carefully weighing your legal options. If you’ve suffered a work injury in Des Moines, Ames, Cedar Rapids, or other Iowa cities, an Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney will be an invaluable asset to your workers’ comp case.

While it’s true that most Iowa employers are required by law to carry workers comp insurance, unanticipated issues can and do arise in workers' comp claims. It’s wise to have an attorney by your side from the get-go; that way, you’ll have an experienced legal advocate to help you at every stage of your case and face any issues head-on.

Safeguarding Your Rights

One of the duties you can count on an injury attorney to uphold is the safeguarding of your Workers’ Compensation rights. When you’ve suffered a work injury, Iowa state laws provide you with the right to medical care and fair treatment from your employer.

You also have the right to other types of workers’ comp benefits (e.g., reimbursement for medical care transportation expenses) that your employer may or may not inform you about. That’s what an attorney is for.

If your employer's insurance carrier tries to minimize your injuries, wrongly deny your claim, or trample your rights in any way, your attorney can quickly and aggressively step in and work to resolve the issue.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

Another skill a workers’ comp lawyer will bring to the table is the judicious handling of negotiations. Negotiating a workers’ comp claim takes a great deal of experience and fortitude, something our attorneys pride themselves on having.

When you decide to contact an Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney, your lawyer will: 
  • investigate your accident and all claim possibilities;
  • send out a letter of representation;
  • employ effective tactics during settlement negotiations; and
  • advise you on whether or not any offers you receive are reasonable.  
It’s important that you seek out and take advantage of any benefits that you may be entitled to after suffering a major work injury in Des Moines. Naturally, your goal will be to obtain the highest fair settlement possible, so you can turn your focus to healing and moving on with your life, not stressing over how to make ends meet.

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