Permanent Restrictions

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Clients with serious work injuries will ask us what if I have permanent restrictions. Depending upon the type of work injury you have, then it may or may not make a difference if you have permanent restrictions. For example, if your work injury is limited to your hand, and you do not qualify for the second injury fund, then permanent restrictions will probably make little if any difference in the amount of permanent disability compensation that you receive. Whereas if you sustained an unscheduled member injury like a back injury, then your permanent restrictions are a major factor in determining how much permanent disability compensation you should receive. Permanent restrictions sometimes are just given to you by the doctor based upon their experience, or other times are given to you based upon what is known as the FCE which takes For functional capacity evaluation, an FCE is testing conducted by a physical therapist to determine what you can and cannot do. Because of your work injuries. The testing will usually take several hours over a period of one or more days. It is very important that you communicate with a physical therapist and give full effort during the testing. The FCE testing has a series of built in tests to make sure you're giving full and consistent effort. If it is found that you did not give full effort, then your tests will be considered invalid, which can have a significant negative impact on your case.​

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