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With winter on the way, many motorcyclists in Iowa are either getting ready to brave the winter or want to get in the last few rides before putting their motorcycles in storage. Iowa Riders in both categories must get prepared for the lower temperatures and the changes that bring to what you wear and your ride.

Why Should I Worry About Windchill?

When you are riding a motorcycle, you don’t have to perform much activity and remain relatively still, without this activity your body doesn’t generate enough body heat to keep you warm from the oncoming cold air. states “The prime directive of your body's warmth-management system is to protect the brain and other vital organs. It will, therefore, direct warmth to those areas at the expense of other less critical parts, notably the extremities.” This means you have to wear the proper gear to keep your warmth insulated and lower the risk of losing feeling in your limbs or even hypothermia Proper motorcycle gear that will help protect you from Iowa winter should include seamless windproof clothing, heated gear, warm boots, layered clothing, proper gloves, among many other things. These items will help keep you warm from the oncoming windchill while you are riding. Refer to the chart below to see how cold it will actually feel while you are riding, and the proper gear needed to defend against the cold.

Iowa Motorcycle Windchill chart Iowa Injured

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Even when you are riding proper gear the cold will affect your driving. Your reactions will slow and road conditions will worsen leading to an increased risk of a motorcycle crash. So wear the proper gear directed above to help prevent a motorcycle accident in Iowa winter. If you are in a crash you can get more information and a free book which includes 10 Myths about Motorcycle Accidents and 6 Things to Know Before Talking to the Insurance Adjustor or Hiring an Attorney.

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