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Visiting the dog park can be an awesome time both for the owner and the dog. There are a few dangers to be mindful of, however. By taking simple precautions, you can maximize dog park safety in Iowa.

Tips to Avoid Dangers to Consider at Dog Parks

There are several types of dangers owners and dogs come across at parks, which usually can be preempted.

  • Dehydration - The first consideration is the potential for dehydration. Dogs can become so preoccupied and active that with all the stimulation, they can forget to drink. Just stay alert to any signs of fatigue, excessive panting, etc. and make sure your dog knows where to locate water.
  • Illness - The next consideration is illness. You have no way of knowing if any of the dogs at the park carry diseases and if they’ll transmit them to your pet. To avoid this, make sure to keep your dogs immunizations up to date.
  • Attacks - Dog parks can be hotspots for dog bites and dog attacks. Sometimes, a dog may be ill and lash out unexpectedly or may act out aggressively if it feels threatened by other dogs or stressed for some other reason. Dogs may attack not only other dogs at the park but also people. Keep your distance from dogs you’re not familiar with, and if you sense a dog is becoming aggressive, separate yourself and your dog immediately.

What to Do if Bitten by a Dog at a Dog Park

If a dog ever bites you at a park, you’ll want to try to locate and notify the owner. It’s important to try to get the owners’ contact info and the dog’s immunization information to know that you haven't been exposed to rabies or other zoonotic diseases. You’ll also want to seek medical attention for the bite. Untreated bites quickly can become infected and lead to much more serious issues.

If you were attacked by a dog, you might be able to recover your damages by filing a dog bite claim. This can be extremely helpful for paying for your expenses, which quickly can add up with medical bills and lost wages.

For more information on legal options after a dog bite attack in Iowa, call Walker, Billingsley & Bair and speak to one of our attorneys. We handle all types of injury cases, including dog park incidents. Contact us today 515-440-2852 for a free consultation.

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