What Having Spondylolysis May Mean for Your Employment

Workers more prone to developing spondylolysis may include those whose jobs involve strenuous physical activity such as lifting and bending. This type of lower back injury may be covered under workers' compensation for back injuries. An Iowa workers' compensation attorney can help pursue benefits. 

Spondylolysis may develop because of repetitive stress on the lower back. When a worker experiences chronic back pain, a doctor's evaluation should be obtained. Signs of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis (slippage of the vertebra out of place) are not always obvious, and may include pain that worsens when bending backward, weakness or tingling in the back or legs, and slowed reflexes.

When spondylolysis is diagnosed, your doctor will typically require that you rest your back, either by taking leave from your job or by going on light duty and refraining from lifting heavy objects or straining your back.

If the damage is more severe, special medical equipment such as a back brace may be necessary to allow the injury to heal. Medications may also be needed to manage pain and inflammation of the lower back muscles and nerves. In serious cases, surgery may be called for to repair a fracture or reposition slipped vertebra.

Under Iowa workers' compensation for your back injury, the employer should comply with the doctor's orders to aid healing injury. If the injury requires one to return to a lower-paying position, workers' comp benefits may be available to make up two-thirds of the difference.

Get the Workers' Compensation Benefits Deserved

Healing from this injury may require a break from the job-related stress placed on the back.

If an employer does not comply with doctor's orders for rest:

  • use of medical devices;
  • light duty;
  • time away from work; or
  • denies workers' comp for a back injury, an Iowa workers' compensation attorney can discuss the legal options available.

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