Last Updated: 9/14/2023

Yes, a workers’ compensation claim could potentially be damaged if an employee waits too long to file a workplace accident report. In Iowa, the work accident report must be filed within 90 days. An Iowa workers’ compensation lawyer can help with the legal claims process.

Time Limitations Pertaining to a Workplace Accident

It is always a good idea to immediately report a workplace accident or injury. Even when it doesn’t appear to be a big deal, an employee could hurt his or her chances of receiving workers’ compensation benefits if injuries are discovered later.

The 90-day period begins on the date an employee knows of an injury, or should have known of it. The employer has a responsibility to fulfill time limits as well when it comes to reporting a claim.

As soon as the employee files a report, the employer has four days to inform the workers’ compensation commissioner of the injury. An Employer’s First Report of Injury must be filed when an injury results in at least three days missed work, or when it’s a permanent or fatal injury.

Information Contained in a Work Accident Report

It will be important to accurately and completely fill out the report. It should include as many details as can be recalled, such as what led up to the accident/injury, what the worker was doing at the time of the injury (lifting boxes, walking up a ladder), contributing factors and any other relevant information.

If there were any co-workers who saw what happened, their names should be included on the report. A copy of the report should be made in case it gets lost or someone tampers with it.

Despite availability of workers’ comp benefits, some claims are denied. Employees in or around Ankeny who feel their case isn’t being handled fairly might consider contacting an Iowa workers’ compensation lawyer at Walker, Billingsley & Bair for legal help with a workers’ compensation claim.

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