The Iowa Department of Transportation has recently created an interactive bicycle map. The Iowa bicycle map is a fantastic resource for both drivers and cyclists in Iowa and hopefully will contribute to traffic safety in the state.

The Interactive Bicycle Map

This interactive bicycle map provides detailed information about the types of road, path, or routes available Des Moines and the rest of the state of Iowa.

For example, cyclists can see exactly where the following course types are in Iowa.

  • Paved trails/shared-use paths
  • Unpaved trails/shared-use paths
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Side paths
  • Paved shoulders
  • Bicycle-friendly roads

The map also shows trailheads, mountain bike trails, bike shops, restrooms, and areas where drinking water is available. By clicking on a particular route/path, the name of the trail will appear.

Improving Cyclists’ Safety in Iowa

The interactive bicycle map will hopefully serve as a guide to cyclists in Iowa, and will also help to promote safe cycling. Of course, cyclists also need to familiarize themselves with traffic and cycling laws.

  • Ride on the right side of the road with traffic
  • Use arm and hand signals
  • Use a light at night
  • Pass on the left
  • Only ride where permitted (the interactive bicycle map will help to clarify where this is for cyclists)

Equally as important is for drivers to respect cyclists’ rights. While some drivers become frustrated with bicyclists on the road, cyclists have the right to ride on the road and have the same rights and responsibilities as other motor vehicles. However, bikers can increase their chances of a fun, accident-free ride by acting on these safety tips for road cyclists.

Sharing the Road: What Happens When a Bike Accident Occurs

While cyclists and drivers are meant to share the road with one another, accidents still happen. When an accident in Des Moines or elsewhere in Iowa occurs, the at-fault party is usually responsible for paying for damages. Injured cyclists could file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company if the driver was at fault.

Iowa law requires that all accidents in Iowa be reported; Iowa rules of the road for bicyclists, provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation, reads that “Bicyclists must stop and exchange information when they have been involved in a crash.”

How an Iowa Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

If you want to learn more about bicycle safety in Iowa, read our blog. Or, if you need legal representation after a bicycle accident in the state, call Walker, Billingsley & Bair to schedule a free case consultation. Our legal team can be reached today at (888) 435-9886 or via our contact form.

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