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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year about 70,000 pedestrians are injured in motor vehicle accidents in the roads and highways of the United States. In spite of the presence of well-established laws for pedestrians and motorists, many of these accidents happen because of ignorance about the rules of driving on the road around pedestrians. 

Iowa Rules of the Road Around Pedestrians

Apart from the general Iowa traffic laws, the Iowa Department of Transportation also lays down laws for motorists specifically for situations where a pedestrian is present. The burden of responsibility lay heavy on the motorist in situations like this, as his or her vehicle has the capacity to seriously injure a pedestrian if piloted incorrectly.

According to these laws, a motorist has to give the right of way to pedestrians when the former is entering or leaving a:

  • driveway;
  • parking lot; or
  • alley.

They must also give right of way to pedestrians when the latter are crossing at an intersection either on a marked or an unmarked crosswalk when there are no traffic signals.

A motorist in Iowa is also expected to exercise special precaution when driving through:

  • a residential area;
  • in the vicinity of a school;
  • near shopping centers;
  • in parking lots; and
  • in congested areas (such as downtown).

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In the event of an accident involving a pedestrian, victims can seek compensation for their damages by filing injury claims. Evidence must demonstrate that the motorist violated the rules of driving on the road around pedestrians, so contact an attorney for legal assistance.

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