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Thousands of serious car accidents in Iowa occur yearly due to road debris. These obstacles are apparent on every road but are most commonly found on highways and urban roads. It is essential that all drivers have 100 percent focus on the road and their surroundings to be ready for unexpected items to come into their path. This allows being able to react appropriately and avoid a serious car crash.


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The Definition of Road Debris

You might think of debris in the road as stuff from the street, especially from construction workers or a blown tire that is still lying in the middle of the road. While these are definitely a hazard and can cause serious damage to you or your car, there are many other types of debris that need to be watched. After a large storm, there could be large trees or telephone wires lying in the middle of the road. You could also find items that have fallen off of large work trucks such as materials or even tools that the driver is unaware that they have fallen off of the truck due to insecure loading.

Dangers of Roof Racks

Many car owners use roof racks as a means of storage. While these racks are meant to carry items that are too large to fit in the vehicle, they are not meant to overload the car to the point of danger. It is very common for items to fly right off of the rack and into the path of another car. Worse yet, if the rack is loaded beyond its capacity, it can cause the car to lose control or flip over, causing even more obstacles for everyone else on the road.

Avoiding Serious Car Accidents

The number one way for any driver to prevent a serious accident as a result of road debris is to remain undistracted. Even the smallest distraction of looking down to pick up your coffee could result in a serious crash when debris is present. In the blink of an eye, a mattress could fly at your windshield or a tree could be lying in the street that was not visible until you were on top of it.

In less than optimal conditions, it is also imperative that drivers slow down. The posted speed limit is not a requirement; it is simply the maximum speed that you should be driving. If there is snow, rain or excessive obstacles in the road, it is to your benefit as well as the other drivers on the road to slow down and stay aware of your surroundings in order to avoid serious car accidents in Iowa.


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