Common Signs of a Work Related Neck Injury

Many Iowans work jobs that place a strain on their bodies including their necks.  Neck injuries can happen to:

  • Electricians who have to look up much of their day;
  • Office people who work at a desk which is not ergonomically designed;
  • Occupations which require lifting at or above shoulder height.

The most common sign of a neck injury is of course pain in your neck.  Sometimes people have pain, numbness and tingling from their shoulder/neck area into their hands or fingers.  This can be a sign of a very serious neck injury in the form of a herniated or bulging disc.  Sometimes, these require immediate surgery to prevent permanent damage from occurring.  Some people have pain in their shoulder or between their shoulder and their neck which can be considered a neck injury. 

What Should I Do if I Have Neck Pain?

The best thing to do if you have neck pain or other neck related symptoms caused by your work is to:

  1. Report that you have sustained a work-related injury to your neck;
  2. Request that your employer provide you with medical care and treatment; and
  3. Go to your medical appointments and do what your medical providers tell you to.

Man holding back of neck from work injuryYou will likely initially be sent to an occupational medical doctor who may or may not refer you for additional care and treatment.     It is important that you tell all of your doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and other medical providers about all of your pain and problems caused by your work injury.  It is okay to write your problems down and bring them with you to your appointment so you do not forget anything.  This is not only important for you to be treated properly, but may be very important later on if your case is litigated.  If your medical problems do not make it into your medical records, this can create big problems later on. 

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