Last Updated: 1/16/2023

The process of filing a claim for a personal injury case can be a daunting task. It may be in your best interest to seek an Iowa injury attorney for a consultation, during which you can review your case. Your attorney can give you advice on what action to take and how to do so.

Starting a Lawsuit for Iowa Personal Injury Case

The basics of the initial court papers are as follows: 


  • Pleadings - the forms and documents that are filed in court at the beginning of the lawsuit; 
  • Complaint/petition - the first document filed, which is an outline of your case and formally identifies all parties involved and what the plaintiff is requesting from the defendant (such as requesting for payment of damages); 
  • Summons and service of progress - an order from the court where the lawsuit is litigated (the defendant is notified formally on the lawsuit and a docket number is assigned by the court to the case); 
  • Answer - the defendant's response to the lawsuit; and 
  • Counterclaim - the defendant's own claim in response to the plaintiff's statement. 

Once these initial documents have been submitted you can proceed to the next steps of the claims process.

Contacting an Iowa Injury Attorney

The Iowa personal injury attorney team at Walker, Billingsley & Bair work hard to level the field between injured Iowans and insurance companies. That's why we provide this FREE book; The Legal Insider's Guide to Iowa Car Accidents: 7 Secrets to Not Wreck Your Case. To learn more about what our legal team will do to help you protect your Iowa injury claim, contact Walker, Billingsley & Bair to schedule a no-cost consultation. Call 641-792-3595 to order your free accident book today.

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