Some severe forms of back injuries necessitate back fusion surgery where one or more vertebrae are fused to reduce or stop movement. This surgical procedure is carried out only in cases of grave injury in order to optimize the chances the injured worker recovers from symptoms of a back injury. However, workers may have to undergo back rehab to recover substantially. Below are the prevalent types of rehabilitation methods. 

Pain Management

This is the most integral part of the rehabilitation process, one that enables the patient to go through the subsequent phases of the restorative and recuperative process.

Pain management may involve:

  • ice application;
  • prescribing oral medications and/or intravenous injections;
  • recommending patient-operated pain control pumps to deliver medicine to the operated region;
  • using electrical devices; and
  • braces to restrict the individual to certain movements and positions.

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Exercise is an integral part of the rehabilitation process following a back fusion surgery. However, it is recommended only after a few weeks and the duration of rehab is dependent on:

  • the extent of the surgery;
  • age and general health of the patient; and
  • the types and intensity of the activities the patient intends to perform.

Exercises may include strengthening and flexibility-inducing routines. A physical therapist may also recommend stabilizing exercises. These exercises not only help the patient regain strength in the entire spinal cord region but also improve flexibility and coordination of the joints and muscles in the area that in turn, reduce the risk of injuries in the future.

Legal Assistance for Workplace Injury Victims in Iowa

The recovery period following fusion surgery tends to be lengthy and not many people can get back to work. A person who has suffered a back injury at work and has had to undergo back fusion surgery is entitled to workers’ compensation for medical expenses and disability related to the work injury.

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