A Des Moines truck driver who hauled local loads for UPS hurt her back while lifting a heavy piece of freight.  She was sent to the doctor who first tried a conservative treatment such as physical therapy and prescription medications.  When that did not work an MRI was obtained which showed a herniated disc in her back.  An ESI (epidural steroid injection) was tried which provided no pain relief so the next step was surgery.  She had a laminectomy surgery which only provided some pain relief.  Because of her ongoing leg pain and symptoms, lumbar fusion surgery was recommended.  The fusion surgery went well, but she continued to have significant low back and leg pain and was given permanent work restrictions.  She could no longer drive a truck or do physical manual labor so we sought permanent total disability.  Just prior to trial the case was settled for $325,000 which will allow her to move on with her life and retrain for a new occupation that does not require lifting.


Corey Walker
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