Last Updated: 9/14/2023

After a work injury in Iowa, your Iowa Workers' Compensation insurance company may be offered one of several settlements.

To understand what you may be offered in an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim, speak with a Workers' Compensation attorney who will work with you to make sure your claim is handled fairly and efficiently.

While there are different types of settlements you may be eligible to receive through a Workers' Compensation claim in Iowa, your settlement will depend on the unique circumstances of your work injury in Iowa. A Workers' Compensation attorney can explain these differences to you.

If you have suffered a work injury in Iowa you may be offered one of the following: 

  • Agreement for Settlement - all parties may decide upon an amount and once approved it will serve to protect an employee's future rights and secure their compensation.
  • Compromise Settlement - if there is a dispute about the benefits, once it is filed and approved, parties will no longer have rights to any future benefits for the injury settlement.
  • Contingent Settlement - dependent upon a specific event, such as when Medicare has to approve the settlement as well. If the specific event doesn't happen, the approval and settlement may be voided.
  • Combination Settlement - establishes a claim with an agreement of settlement and eliminates the remaining balance of the claim with a compromise settlement.
  • Lump Sum Payments - while not typical, sometimes a lump sum payment is awarded. May include a lump sum payment of all remaining future benefits and a partial lump sum payment, which covers part of the remaining future benefits.  

A Workers' Compensation attorney can answer all of your questions concerning your Workers' Compensation claim in Iowa, while you focus on recovering from your work injury in Iowa.

Contacting an Iowa Workers' Compensation Attorney

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