Last Updated: 12/8/2023

Yes, you may be able to hold a car manufacturer liable if the vehicle is found to be defective. An Iowa car accident lawyer will be able to assess the circumstances surrounding your particular car accident more accurately, but generally, this holds true. 

Product Liability in a Car Accident 

All manufacturers delivering products to the public are responsible to provide goods that are free from defects. Product liability law requires proof the product failed and the buyer was harmed because of this failure for a viable lawsuit. 

Not only may the manufacturer be liable, but the seller and distributor may be named as defendants in a lawsuit as well. 

Defective Manufacturing, Design or Marketing in Car Accidents 

A defect in manufacturing usually refers to a product that is inadvertently produced incorrectly. There is no intention to produce the product this way, it was committed in error. The defect may have occurred while the item was being produced or in the supply line, such as shipping or at the dealership. 

Products with an inherent design defect mean they were manufactured as specified, but the actual item is dangerous. In either of these cases, a car manufacturer may be liable for releasing the vehicle or its part into the marketplace. 

Additionally, a car manufacturer may have to answer to faulty marketing on a product that then causes harm to the public. This may be seen in a deficient instruction manual or warnings brochure that someone adheres to and is subsequently injured. 

Contact an Iowa Car Accident Lawyer 

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