Last Updated: 4/6/2023

Most victims have to use their own insurance policies to pay for their medical bills while they are awaiting a car accident settlement. Some turn to pre-settlement funding to help pay bills. The defendant (or his or her insurance provider) is not required to pay for your damages until after the case is settled.

Ways to Pay for Medical Bills after a Car Accident

Medicals bills are usually so high that everyone relies on some type of insurance to pay for their injuries.

There are several types of insurance you may be able to use until your settlement arrives, including:

  • your health insurance with your employer;
  • your own personal health insurer;
  • your Medicare or Medicaid plan;
  • the policy of the driver of the vehicle you were in (if you were a passenger); or
  • your medical payments plan under your own car insurance policy (if applicable).

You Might Need to Pay the Insurer Back

Keep in mind that many insurance companies will expect you to pay them back after you get your settlement award. This is called subrogation, and how it affects you depends upon the provider and the terms of your contract. If you’re unsure, consult with the insurance carrier or your attorney.

Paying Other Bills While Incapacitated

Health insurance may pay for your medical bills while you’re awaiting settlement, but what do you do about all the other bills that have been mounting, not to mention the deductible on your health insurance policy?

If you had to take time off work for your injury, it’ll be hard to make ends meet with no income. If your injuries are severe and you have to hire others to do the work around the house that you normally would do, e.g., cleaning and maintenance work, you can quickly become overburdened with expenses.

If you have no, or limited, savings to help tide you over until you reach a settlement and if there are no close family members you can borrow from, you might want to look into pre-settlement funding.

Pre-settlement loan providers offer funding for those who they believe will have a successful resolution to their case. These loans can help you stay afloat until your case is settled.

There are downsides to lawsuit advances of which you’ll want to be aware. One of the major pitfalls is that they have exceptionally high fees. To find out which option might be suitable for you, consult your attorney or financial advisor.

Directing Your Questions to an Attorney

For any questions about a car accident settlement claim, feel free to contact the office of Walker, Billingsley & Bair, serving Des Moines and surrounding areas. Our attorneys can provide you with caring, trustworthy counsel and explain your legal options. Contact us today at (888) 435-9886 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.  

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