Last Updated: 11/16/2023

You should never lie to your doctors, your attorney, or the insurance adjustor.  Even telling a small lie can significantly damage your credibility and your case.  Just like your mother told you, the best policy is to always tell the truth so you will not have to worry about what you said last time. 

Along the same lines, you should not try to hide prior accidents or injuries from your attorney.  Insurance companies have huge databases and they keep track of all of your prior claims and accidents.  If you have had prior accidents or injuries then you should tell your attorney as the attorney can conduct an investigation and tell you whether it will be a problem or not.  However, your attorney cannot help you if you do not tell him or her about the prior accidents or injuries. 

When dealing with your doctors and other medical providers it is important to tell them everything that hurts and all the problems you are having.  If you tell your doctors or other medical providers like physical therapists that you are "okay" or "doing fine" then they will record that in your medical records and later on this could come back and cause problems if you are claiming you are still having problems.  Also, if you are still having pain and/or problems then you need to continue to regularly see your doctor.  If your doctor says to call me if you have any problems and you do not call for 6 months, then that is considered a gap in your treatment which can significantly reduce the value of your case.  If you are still having ongoing problems then you should probably be seeing a doctor every 4 to 6 weeks, unless you are in physical therapy, waiting to see a specialist or have reached maximum medical improvement and been told there is nothing more that any of your medical providers can do to help. 

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