Last Updated: 4/20/2023

Iowa car accident attorneys recommend filing a car accident claim if you’re involved in a wreck. A claim can help you recover costs for damages, medical bills, lost wages and more. Unfortunately though, claims such as these are often made difficult when the vehicles involved in the collision are towed away and evidence is lost or destroyed. 

To prevent this from happening in your claim, our Iowa car accident attorneys recommend you do the following. 

  • Find out where your car is being towed immediately. Contact your lawyer and ask him or her to send a preservation letter to the tow yard, requesting that the vehicle remain intact and untouched. If this doesn’t work, your attorney can also file a motion in court to order the tow yard to preserve your car.
  • Get your car moved to a private, covered storage area. Not only do tow yards typically charge a high daily cost for keeping your car, but also they often will destroy or scrap a car very quickly because of space and time constraints. You can prevent this by housing the vehicle in your own private unit. This also staves off vandalism or any other tampering.
  • Just in case, take pictures. Always keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment. If you’re ever involved in a wreck, snap photos of your damaged car, the accident scene and more. In the event evidence is lost, destroyed or tampered with, you still have evidence to proceed with your accident claim. 


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