Last Updated: 9/14/2023

To settle your Iowa injury claim on your own, you should know 7 tactics insurance adjusters use. You can attempt to handle everything on your own, but if you hire a West Des Moines injury lawyer you can focus on healing rather than fighting.

Insurance adjusters may try any or all of the following once you file your Iowa injury claim: 

  • Delay.
  • Requests for unnecessary information.
  • Contesting your medical treatment.
  • Paying only a portion of your bills.
  • Giving you misleading information about benefits.
  • Pretending they are on your side.
  • Making misleading or false promises. 

First, you must realize that insurance adjusters are paid to keep money in the insurance company's pocket, not yours. Once you understand this, you will be able to recognize these 7 tactics at work.

Insurance adjusters delay communication so that you get tired of waiting for your money and just take their minimal offer. They will request unnecessary documentation for your Iowa injury claim to wear you down.

Besides being tedious, they will also dispute your Iowa injury claim and medical program despite its being prescribed by a medical professional. They may also offer to cover only a percentage of the cost.

They often pretend to be your friend. As your "friend" they will dissuade you from hiring an Iowa injury lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit and threaten to lowball your claim if you do so. 

Finally, insurance adjusters will give you misleading information about their benefits policy. If you are not familiar with the policy, it will be easy for them to convince you otherwise.

Adjusters have been known to make false promises over the phone. With the help of a West Des Moines injury lawyer, you can fight them when they retract a verbal agreement.

Contacting a West Des Moines Injury Lawyer

You can tackle the insurance adjusters on your own but it always feels better to have an expert in your corner. The West Des Moines injury lawyers at Walker, Billingsley & Bair work hard to level the field between injured Iowans and insurance companies. That's why we provide this FREE book; The Legal Insider's Guide to Iowa Car Accidents: 7 Secrets to Not Wreck Your Case. To learn more about what our legal team will do to help you protect your Iowa injury claim, contact Walker, Billingsley & Bair to schedule a no-cost consultation. Call 641-792-3595 to order your free accident book today.

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