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Every year in Iowa there are thousands of Iowans who are injured in car accidents.  Their injuries include: deaths, fractures, broken bones, herniated discs, fractured vertebrates, being parlayed, cervical (whiplash), lumbar strains, damaged shoulders (torn rotator cuffs, labrums, etc.), CRPS- complex regional pain syndrome, and more.  The next question to consider is how are you or your loved one be treated medically and how are you going to be compensated for going through such a difficult time? 

What are common Injuries and Treatments 

Car accidents in Iowa can take many forms including being hit by a semi driver (18 wheeler), a person with no insurance, a person with not enough insurance (UIM- underinsured driver), a drunk driver, a person driving a corporate vehicle, etc.  The nature and type of injuries, the facts concerning the motor vehicle collision, the injuries sustained including how it affects their ability to work and the available insurance coverage will all affect how the case and/or claim is considered.  Here are some common car accident injuries and the most common treatment for them:

            1. Fractures and broken bones: If the fracture is severe enough then surgery will be performed to stabilize the bones and prevent further injuries.  If the fracture is not as bad then the doctors may use traction to reduce the fracture (put the bones back in place) and then apply a cast.  You will have follow-up x-rays regardless to make sure the bones are healing properly.  These are serious injuries which may have lifelong consequences, so you should at the very least consider getting some legal help also. 

            2. Herniated discs, fractured vertebrates, and paralysis: Car crashes are very violent and can sometimes cause severe injuries to the spine that can have long-lasting and permanent effects.  If you sustain one of these injuries then you are likely looking at spinal surgery which could include a laminectomy, diskectomy, fusion or other spinal surgical procedures.  If your doctor tells you that you need spinal surgery it is a very serious situation that you will probably want to have some help with from an attorney.  You are always allowed a second opinion from another qualified surgeon, but if you are in the hospital waiting for spinal surgery then you really need to consider how severe the situation is.  If you or a loved one have one of these injuries then it is very important that you seek not only medical help, but legal help to address the issues that you may have. 

            3. Shoulder injuries, strains, and sprains: The force that a car accident causes can tear tendons, rip muscles and generally cause lots of injuries to the body. Sometimes the doctors can see these injuries on an MRI, CT Scan, X-ray or other medical device and sometimes they cannot.  Just because an MRI or other test comes back as "normal" does not mean you are not injured.  Often injuries cannot be detected by machine testing.  This is why it is so important (even if your testing is "normal") that if you continue to have pain that you go back and seen your doctors.  If you fail to see our doctors for weeks or months while you hope and pray that things get better on their own, you can significantly damage the value of your case. 

            4.Traumatic brain injuries or injuries to the head: Many readers would be surprised to know that even accidents involving a seemingly minor impact can cause serious head injuries if the victim hits his or her head on the side window, steering wheel, roof, or windshield. Any type of head injury should never be taken lightly and must be medically treated immediately in order to prevent permanent brain damage.

            5.Whiplash: Perhaps the most common injury in rear-end accidents, the pain from whiplash often sneaks up on a car accident victim hours or the day after a wreck. Caused by sharp back and forth movement of the head when a car is struck, whiplash can cause severe pain to the neck, back, head, and shoulders and should not be taken lightly.

What are the steps I should take if I have sustained one or more of the above injuries:

            1. Seek medical care and attention.  It is not the time to be tough and hope or think that it will get better on its own.  If you don’t go to a doctor to document your injuries, then in the eyes of the insurance company and eventually a judge and/or jury your injuries may not be considered real.  If you are having problems, go to the doctor ASAP (as soon as possible) because the longer you wait for the more difficult it may be for you to make a financial recovery for your injuries. 

            2. Follow-up with medical care. If you are treated in the emergency room, urgent care or by your family physician if you are not 100% better within 7 days you need to go back and seek additional medical care.  If you wait longer than that, you can risk later on a judge, jury or the insurance adjustor not believing you and providing you with less than fair compensation.

            3. Seek a second opinion.  If the doctor you see says you will heal with time and you are not getting better, then it is okay to seek a second opinion with another doctor.  Note: Please keep in mind that we can tell you which doctors are good, bad or ugly when it comes to car accident cases here in Iowa.  You do not want to go to just any doctor for a second opinion in a case as some doctors have very close ties with insurance companies and will say bad things about you and your case regardless of the truth.

If you have questions and/or concerns about your car crash case, then you should at the very least consider finding out about how to protect yourself.  An attorney may or may not be appropriate in your Iowa car accident case.  If you call us at (641) 792-3595 we will answer your questions and tell you the truth about whether or not you need to hire an attorney who will take a percentage of what you get.  Also, if you call our office there is no cost or risk for a Car Accident Evaluation at (641) 792-3595


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