What to do if I have been injured in an Iowa car accident?

There are several things that you should do regarding both your medical care and keeping documentation regarding your damages.  With regards to your medical care it is important that you tell your medical providers everything that hurts and all the problems that you are having caused by the accident.  If you forget to tell your doctor about all of your problems and it does not make it into your medical records, then chances are that you will receive no compensation for the medical condition.  If you have to bring notes with you to your appointments that is fine.  This will help you remember to tell the nurses and your doctors everything that is causing you problems from the accident. 

Another common mistake made by Iowans is that they fail to treat on a regular and consistent basis.  If you are still having problems due to an injury caused by a car accident then you need to go back and see the doctor preferably monthly.  If your doctor tells you to call him or her if you are having problems and you do not call to schedule an appointment, then in the mind of the doctor, the insurance company and eventually the judge or jury you must have been fine.  If later on you claim that you have continued to have problems and your medical records show no medical treatment for the condition for a period of months, then it will be difficult to prove that your ongoing problems are related to the accident. 

Along the same lines, follow your doctors' orders.  If your doctor tells you to go to physical therapy twice a week and you decide that you are only going to go once per week, then this can damage your case.  It is always a good practice to do what your medical providers recommend.  This includes exercises, stretching, etc. that your physical therapist may recommend that you do at home.

With regards to documentation, when you have been injured in a car accident it may not occur to you that you should keep documents concerning the accident, your injuries, time missed from work, etc.  It is important to keep copies of the accident report, statements, work excuse slips, medical bills and other documents relating to your car accident.  It is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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