Last Updated: 7/6/2023

This is a number that is assigned to your injury usually based upon the AMA Guides to Permanent Impairment which is a book written by a group of doctors from throughout the country.  If you have a scheduled member injury (hand, arm, leg, foot, eye, hearing loss) then generally the impairment rating is the main factor in determining the amount of money you receive for your permanent disability.  Whereas, if you sustained an unscheduled member injury (back, neck, shoulder, brain, mental health, nerve injuries such as CRPS- Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or RSD- Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or respiratory and circulation injuries like occupational asthma or Reynaud’s syndrome) then your impairment rating is only one of many factors including your ability to work, lifting and activity restrictions, lost wages, etc.  There is a significant difference in the amount of compensation you are suppose to receive between a scheduled member and unscheduled member injury.

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