There are many things that an Iowa attorney who practices primarily in personal injury law can do for you in a motorcycle accident case.  First of all, the attorney is there to help and guide you through the Iowa injury process which likely you have never been through.  The experience and knowledge of the attorney will help you not make mistakes which could cost you thousands of dollars. 

An attorney will help increase the value of the case by obtaining doctors' reports and opinions when necessary to prove causation between your injuries and the accident along with the cost of future medical care.  Also, once all the facts and opinions have been gathered an injury attorney who has handled many prior cases will be able to give you a range of what the value of your case is.  Also, the attorney will be the one who deals with the insurance company so you do not have to.  This not only saves you time, but also the headaches of dealing with an insurance adjustor who knows the law, the tricks of the trade and has been trained to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.  An attorney will also help deal with subrogation claims (claims made by your health and/or motorcycle insurance) and often will be able to put more money in your pocket just by being involved, knowing the law and properly dealing with the subrogation claims. 

For a list of other things an Iowa personal injury attorney should do for you in your case go to to request your copy of our book we offer at no cost to Iowans injured in motorcycle accidents who do not already have an attorney.  The book also includes 6 Things to Know Before Talking to the Insurance Adjustor or Hiring an Attorney and 9 Things You Should Know about Iowa Motorcycle cases.  Finally, you can learn about motorcycle accidents in the comfort of your own home with no risk or obligation.  Why do we offer a Book at No Cost?  For more than 20 years Attorneys Corey Walker and Erik Bair who both practice primarily in personal injury law have represented hundreds of injured Iowans including many Iowans injured in motorcycle accidents.  They have seen too many clients make mistakes before they had the “right” information resulting in them losing thousands of dollars.  So to learn how to find-out what an Iowa personal injury attorney should do for you and what you should know about Iowa motorcycle cases request your copy now. 

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